A basic system of CO2 injection consisted with CO2 FOREST BOTTLE. CO2 SYSTEM KIT includes necessary equipments such as CO2COUNT DIFFUSER, a CO2 diffuser combined with CO2 counter, BALL VALVE and CO2 METAL STAND. Suitable for under 60cm width planted aquarium.


○ DOOA CO2 Regulator
○ CO2 Forest Bottle
○ CO2 Count Diffuser
○ CO2 Metal Hook
○ Ball valve (White)
○ Pressure-resistant tube (Clear 1 m)
○ Silicone tube (White 1 m)
○ Check Valve
○ Suction cups (Medium x 2, small x 4)
○ Pipette


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*IDOOA CO2 Regulator is a fixed decompression type (0.3MPa). NA CONTROL TIMER Ⅱ and EL VALVE (Solenoid valve) can also be connected.

*CO2 Metal Hook is suitable for Cube Garden Series (thickness 50-60mm)