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Brand new wall system for 60cm aquarium tank

Brand new wall system for 60cm aquarium tank

In DOOA which suggests new ways to enjoy aquatic plants, we have introduced you a way of aqua terrarium using Wabi-Kusa Wall 60 or System Terra 30.

We present renewed DOOA wall system. Starting with the introduction of Mizukusa Mist Wall 90in the last issue, we’ve added Mizukusa Mist Wall 60 for 60cm aquarium tank this time. This summer, Mizukusa Wall 60 will be added in the product lineup. Both of them are improved products of the previous model of Wabi-Kusa Wall 60. It facilitates the cultivation of both aquatic plants and epiphytes on the wall, and the maintenance of clean condition of the wall. Please enjoy aqua terrarium by using the new DOOA wall system.


Wabi-Kusa Wall 60 which was suitable for Neo Glass Terra and 60cm aquarium tank has been remodeled. Clear acrylic was used for the previous model, but the new model is made of black acrylic.

Algae is not noticeable as much as it used to be.

Gaps on the wall that occur after creating layouts are not so visible.

Mizukusa Wall 60

(To be released in summer of 2019)

The new model makes it easy to enjoy aqua terrarium because its shape and installation method fundamentally remain the same.


The new wall system model has made much progress since Wabi-Kusa Wall 60. By installing Mistflow (Sold separately) on top of the flow box, mist gently appears, and it continuously keeps flowing down the wall. By doing so, it facilitates the maintenance of high humidity by the wall surface, and the cultivation of aquatic plant leaves and jungle plants.


*The image is in its developmental process. It is different from actual products.

The new feature enables you to install Mistflow on top of flow box. Ultrasound gently creates mist.

Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2

Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2 is equivalent to Mizukusa Mist Wall 60. Mist flows out by circulating water.

In this layout, I used Mizukusa Wall 60. Use of black acrylic features an impression of sharper image of the whole wall.

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