• Yago Alonso Gimenez

NATURE IN THE GLASS ‘Circle of Water’ PART 3

The plant arrangement in the above water section in consideration of the growth environment of plants such as lighting and humidity in the air.

In the upper and middle layers of the above water section, Jungle Plants and orchids were planted, andBucephalandraand other plants were planted at the waterside. Because the light of Solar RGB might be too strong forBegonia, it was necessary to be well thought out. For example, having leaves ofCyperus alernifoliusL. andBlechnumdevelop and cutting the light, and also regularly generating the mist to increase the humidity in the air.

Upper layer

Environment suitable for tropical plants

Because there are many kinds of tropical plants that prefer relatively softer light such asBegonia, it is necessary to create an environment suitable for the growth. When getting familiar with the environment as time advances, leaves start developing one after another.

Begonia chlorosticta

Begonia dracopelta

Blechnum gibbum ‘Silver Lady’

Middle layer

Begonia negrosensis

Begonia amphioxus

 Lagenandra sp. Silver

Homalomena sp.

Pleurothallis sp.

Nepenthes ampullaria x (spectabilis x talangensis)

Pellionia repens

Dinema polybulbon

Pellionia daveauana

At the waterside

Homalomena sp. Sekadau South

Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Red’

Bucephalandra sp.’Sintang’

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